Coupons & Backer Cards

Market Strategy

  • Drive Sales

    Drive your sales by taking advantage of the fact that 43% of consumers are currently buying more items with coupons1. Further, coupons allow you to offer a discount without affecting the customer’s perception of the regular price/value of your brand.
  • Brand Switching

    The study by Acosta – The Why? Behind The Buy, revealed that on average, across several categories, shoppers rarely or never buy different brands only 35.9% of the time1. As a result, 64.1% of the time shoppers are open to brand switching. How are you taking advantage of this opportunity?
  • Encourage Trials

    By temporarily reducing the price, you reduce the risk of a customer looking to try a new brand.

Market Research & Frequency

  • Total potential weekly household penetration: 8.01million2
  • Weekly frequency of store visits by shoppers: 1.51
  • Potential Gross Impressions: 12.01 million per week2
  • Cost per thousand Potential Gross Impressions (CPI): $1.552

Design Considerations

  •  Make the offer clear to customers, simple messages get action
  •  Use a photo to highlight a new SKU or promote a family of products
  •  Add a backer card option to further enhance your marketing message
  •  Does your creative reinforce the message delivered by your other traditional media
  •  Consider using a scent component within the creative, if applicable
  •  Call your Metrospot Account Representative to discuss your design strategy

Download Specifications

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1. Canada Grocers Executive Report 2012-2013 2. Data: ACNielsen Channel Watch April 2011, Calculations: Metrospot Marketing