Grocery Carts

Market Strategy

  • Super Size Your Message

    The Moving Billboards are large measuring 10” x 7”.   As a result, you have ample space to convey brand messages
  • Drive Traffic to the Aisle

    On average, Metrospot installs 25 carts per location which travel throughout the store as customers shop. This helps drive awareness and impulse purchases by making your brand more visible while customers are moving throughout the store
  • Cost Effective Integrated Marketing

    Grocery cart media helps drive traffic to your brand’s aisle where the shelf component closes the sale. Call your Metrospot Account representative to obtain your In-Store multi-media package discount

Market Research & Frequency

  • Total weekly household penetration: 5.8 million
  • Weekly frequency of store visits: 1.8
  • 25 ads per location
  • Potential Gross Impressions: 10.5 million per week
  • Cost per thousand Potential Gross Impressions: $1.021
  •  On average 2 or more In-Store media provided double digit sales increases.*


Design Considerations

  • Take advantage of the ample space to use large pictures reinforcing your brand message
  • Use large letters since the carts are constantly on the move throughout the store making your message easier to be seen and understood
  • Call your Metrospot Account Representative to discuss your design strategy


* POPAI, Supermarket Study 2002
1 Data: ACNielsen Channel Watch July 2006 & Oct 2007, Stats Canada 2001, Calculations: Metrospot Marketing