Product Display

Market Strategy

  • Introduce New Packaging

    A major advantage of a Product Display is to highlight a new package format.
  • Multi-dimensional Marketing

    Incorporate an information booklet or an offer to engage customers and drive sales.
  • Labelling

    You may showcase your products nutrition content by focusing on the label to increase the customer’s product knowledge when buying.

Market Research & Frequency

  • Total potential weekly household penetration: 8.01 million
  • Weekly frequency of store visits by shoppers: 1.5
  • Potential Gross Impressions: 12.01 million per week
  • Cost per thousand Potential Gross Impressions(CPI): $1.571

1.Canada Grocers Executive Report 2012-2013 2.Data: ACNielsen Channel Watch April 2011, Stats Canada 2011, Calculations: Metrospot Marketing