Shelf Ad

Market Strategy

  • Get Noticed
    On average only 28% of shoppers go straight to the product they want, as a result, the vast majority of shoppers can be influenced through In-store media. Use Shelf Ads to get the customers attention and highlight your brands “Call To Action” to “Win The Sale”.
  • Integrated Marketing
    Gain synergies from your investment in traditional out-of-store media, digital, and social media by using In-Store Shelf Ads to reinforce your brands message to customers who are in the store and focused on buying.

Market Research & Frequency

      • Total potential weekly household penetration: 8.01million2
      • Weekly frequency of store visits by shoppers: 1.51
      • Potential Gross Impressions: 12.01 million per week2
      • Cost per thousand Potential Gross Impressions (CPI): $1.352

Design Considerations

      • Consumers take approximately 3-7 seconds to absorb your message while shopping. Make your message simple and clear
      • Consider using colours that allow your message to stand out
      • Does your In-Store message integrate well with your other media elements?
      • You can use embossed images to emphasize key brand characteristics
      • Consider using a scent component within the creative, if applicable
      • Die cut options can reinforce key messages such as new packaging shapes
      • Call your Metrospot Account Representative to discuss your design strategy

Download Specifications

Shelf Ad (6×5) and (6×7) – Please go to Material Specs to download the spec you need.

1. Canadian Grocers Executive Report 2012-2013. 2. Data: AC Nielsen Channel Watch April 2011, Stats Canada 2011, Calculations: Metrospot Marketing