Shelf Booklets

Market Strategy

  • Educate Customers

    Todays customers want to be better informed while making their brand or category choices. 79% of customers stated that In-Store messages were useful in helping them decide on what to buy.
  • Multi-dimensional Marketing

    You may use several components within a booklet to create a more comprehensive program offering multiple opportunities to engage customers. For example: your booklets may contain product information, coupons and rebates, product usage ideas, contests, and other promotional incentives.
  • Increae Your Promotional Cost Efficiencies

    Partner with other family brands or non-competing manufacturers to lower program costs while increasing the number of positions where your material is available In-Store.

Market Research & Frequency

  • Total potential weekly household penetration: 8.01 million
  • Weekly frequency of store visits by shoppers: 1.5
  • Potential Gross Impressions: 12.01 million per week
  • Cost per thousand Potential Gross Impressions(CPI): $1.552

Design Considerations

  • If you are offering a price incentive include the offer on the front cover, customers love to save
  • Your booklet should be able to fit into a customer’s pocket making it easy to take home for later use
  • Samples can be inserted into booklets, providing another dimension to your In-Store program

Download Specifications

Please go to Material Specs to download the spec you need.

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