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In-Store Media - The Right Place & The Right Time

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99% of groceries are bought in-store1.

76% of purchase decisions
are made in-store2 .

Metrospot delivers over 51.9 million Potential Gross Impressions for
your brand in major supermarkets at the Point of Decision – The Shelf3.

Sources: 1. Gain Report Feb 2017, 2. POPAI 2012 Measured Study, 3. Statscan 2016, Nielsen Channel Watch June 2018, Calculation by Metrospot ( 4 week program, all locations).


Whether your brand is new or established, Decision Point Advertising puts your brand front and center at The Right Time and The Right Place.


Massive Reach & Frequency

Supermarkets reach 99.9% of all households1.

Shoppers average 1.35 visits per week, generating millions of potential gross impressions2.


99% of groceries are bought in-store3.

76% of purchase decisions are made in-store4.

Engage Shoppers
Stand Out From The Crowd

Busy shoppers must choose from an average of 45,000 items in a supermarket3.

Of those shoppers who make a list, a mere 5% make it brand specific5.

Win The Sale!

A base line study by major manufacturers discovered In-store media generated an average of 5.8% sales lift across several categories4.

Communicate To Shoppers To Win the Sale

No Sale


Focus the Shopper
Make The Sale

Woman with Trolley

Sources: 1. Nielsen Channel Watch June 2018, 2. Dalhousie Report November 2018, 3. Gain Report March 2014, 4. POPAI 2012 Measured Study, 5. Canadian Grocer – Executive Report 2015.

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