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Metrospot’s Decision Point Advertising services puts your brand front and center, at-shelf, where shoppers make 76% 1 of their purchase decisions.

Make your brand STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD with coupon offers, brand differentiation messaging, recipes, and product interactions. Decision Point Media can be a standalone program or act as a conduit to you digital properties and omnichannel marketing strategies.

Our national retail network reaches 11.15 million households2, generating 69 million Potential Gross Impressions, at an incredible rate of $1.15 CPM Potential Gross Impressions3 !

At-Shelf Coupons

Mum and Daughter

Drive Sales
64% of all coupons used by shoppers to buy products were found in-store 4.

Shoppers are looking for a deal. 87% of shoppers reported using coupons to buy a product 5.

Brand Switching
On average, across several categories, shoppers rarely or never buy different brands only 35.9% of the time. As a result, 64.1% of the time shoppers are open to brand switching 6.

On average across all family types, 83.2% of shoppers brand switch on a frequent basis. 

Encourage Trial
Temporary price reductions reduce the risk of a customer looking to try a new brand. Further, a coupon provides a discount without affecting the customer’s perception of the regular price/value of your brand.

Sources: 1. POPAI – Measured Study 2012, 2. Nielsen Grocery Composite 3. Nielsen Grocery Composite June 2021, Stats Can June 2022, Calculation by Metrospot, 4. Inmar Year End Report 2018, 5. Inmar Year End Report 2013. 6. Canadian Grocer-Executive Report 2015, 7. The Nielsen Panelviews Omnibus Survey-Dec 2015.

Shelf Ads

Stand Out From The Crowd
Whether your brand is new or long established, shoppers are faced with over 45,000 product choices1.

In fact, on average, a mere 7% of shoppers go straight to the product they want2.

Break The Tie
When shopping a category, the majority of shoppers choose between 2 to 5 brands.

For those who do make list, less than 5% make it brand specific2. 

Educate Shoppers
79 % 3 of customers stated that in-Store messages were useful in helping them decide on what to buy.

Shelf Ads can engage customers both visually in-store and digitally using QR codes, NFC tags and beacons.

Point of Decision Advertising finishes what you started. reinforce your pre-shop messaging in-store while shoppers are making 76% of their purchase decisions3.

Shelf Booklets

Receipe Booklet

Educate Customers
79% of customers stated that in-Store messages were useful in helping them decide on what to buy1.

Multi-dimensional Marketing
Booklets can be used for multiple uses including recipes, nutrition content, coupons, contests, product usages, and links to your digital properties.

Increase Your Promotional Cost Efficiencies
Partner with other family brands or non-competing manufacturers to lower program costs while reaching more areas of the store.

Source: 1. POPAI Consumer Study 2012

Digital Media

Point of Decision Advertising is an integral part of the omnichannel presence. 98% of groceries are bought in-store, reinforce your pre-shop customer engagement strategies while they are making their final buying decisions.

In-store media’s massive reach and frequency while shoppers are focused can increase your digital shopper engagement by incorporating QR Codes, NFC Tags, Beacons, website address, and other digital brand properties.

Digital Coupons

Metrospot can enable your omniChannel programs by delivering your brand’s call to action both in-store and out of store using traditional and digital media.

Metrospot offers a full complement of digital couponing services which can be delivered on a host of platforms depending on your specific program requirements.

Digital Coupon

Interactive Banner Ads & Microsite Development and Implementation

100 Percent Organic

Engage shoppers with banner ads to increase brand awareness and provide a conduit for additional shopper engagement elements such as recipes, coupons, health information etc.

Metrospot can customize a microsite to fit your specific promotional goals. Call your Metrospot Representative to begin building your omnichannel custom program.

Product Display

Provides an additional dimension to your shopper engagement.

Example:, new packaging functionality, scents,  etc.

Cheese Ads

Other Media

Neck - Tags & Stickers

Quick to implement and include: samples, coupons, information, digital conduits such as QR codes, or NFC tags/stickers.

Header Cards & Danglers

McCain Ads

Merchandising & Auditing

You can leverage our frequent in-store service dates to engage Metrospot in providing general merchandising services and auditing. Please contact your Metrospot representative for your custom requirements.

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