Material Specs

Creative Considerations

Your brand has a few seconds to win the sale 1. Get to the point and keep it simple.

Be true to your brand’s colours yet, shelf media should be distinctive from your packaging.


Shoppers must immediately understand the offer to engage, keep it simple.

The coupon value attracts shoppers most, put it front and center. Discuss optimal offer details with your redemption agent.

Coupons must only include listed products to be approved by the retailer.

Source: 1. 10 Secrets about Shopper Behavior Eye Tracking Reveals, Dec 15, 2018.

Mum and Daughter

Shelf Ads

3rd panels, coupon,  booklet overlays, and digital conduits such as QR Codes, NFC tags and stickers, can increase functionality.

Die cut options can reinforce key messages such as new packaging shapes or formats.

Sources: 1. Gain Report Feb. 2017, 2. Canadian Grocers Executive Report 2013, 3. POPAI Consumer Study 2012

Clear Ads


Die Lines:


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