Market Coverage Key Factors

Channel Importance

The Grocery Channel Generates:

More Sales
More Shoppers
More Weekly Visits

= More Brand Sales

The Grocery Channel represents 55.3% of all grocery composite sales. This is 5 times larger than any other channel!

Percentage Share of Retail Trade-Dollars Nielsen-Grocery Composite June 2021, 52 weeks ending

Reach more customers

Supermarkets also achieve the highest household reach for all channels with 99.9% household penetration1.

Metrospot delivers your brand message in over 1100 top-tier supermarket and pharmacy retail locations across Canada.

Reach more customers more often

On average, shoppers visit a supermarket 1.35 times per week or 70 times per year. This is 4 times greater frequency than any other channel2.

Program Execution

Metrospot Marketing is 100% focused on delivering your brand’s message or offer at the right place, and the right time. Metrospot’s comprehensive quality control systems result in over 90% compliance rates and include:

Source: 1. Nielsen grocery composite June 2021, 2. Dalhousie Report 2018.

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