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Sobeys Southbrook

Sobeys Inc. A Leading National Market Retailer

Sobeys Inc. has been trusted by Canadian families for over 111 years. Today, Sobeys Inc. generates a whopping $24.2 billion in annual sales and is committed to being the best food retailer in Canada1. In addition, Sobeys Inc. operates over 400 pharmacy locations across Canada1.

Sobeys Inc. has over 1500 store locations across Canada to service families in all 10 provinces, in more than 900 communities1.  In fact, Sobeys Inc. massive reach and diversity enables them to service over 9.62 million households across Canada3.

In terms of Sobeys Inc. market size they are 87% larger than Metro Inc.1&2, and more than 2.5X larger than either Costco or Walmart!3, making Sobeys Inc. a must buy to grow your brand sales in Canada.

Sobeys continues to invest and develop services for Canadian families.

  • The recent acquisition of Farm Boy furthers Sobeys Inc.’s service offering to meet the community’s needs.
  • Their exclusive Canadian partnership with Ocado, a world leader in on-line grocery shopping provides state of the art on-line shopping and fulfillment capabilities.
  • The launch of the Voila delivery service saves customers time while fulfilling their grocery and pharmaceutical needs.

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